c  i  r  c  u  m  f  e  r  e  n  c  e

13.  / 14.  3.  2002
CulturCongressCentrum in
Brandenburg an der Havel



c  i  r  c  u  m  f  e  r  e  n  c  e

“Understanding Pi means to explore the universe “
                                                                   David Chudnovsky 

For thousands of years the number PI, which is the constant ratio between circumference and diameter of any circle, has incessantly fascinated us simply because the decimal places seem to make up an infinite array of random numbers apparently lacking a meaningful pattern. PI – the circle- infinity- these are concepts that are pushing human thinking to its limits. 

The cultural history of the circle is closely linked to the evolution of mankind. It reflects the specific relation between human intellectual abilities and its respective practical applications. The fascinating effect on our thinking that originates from these simpliest shapes found in nature is nowadays just as important as it ever was. 

Despite the extensive  knowledge accumulated,  filigreed models of reality become increasingly autonomous and porous. Like flying which is not fully understood until today, the circle as a natural phenomenon and a  product of human thinking in many respects remains a seemingly magic secret to us, which sparks of much more than just scientific interest. 

From the invention of the wheel in Mesopotamia some 500 years ago to the computerized exploration of the rational background of PI,  people of with different ways  of life and thinking got involved with the beauty, riddle, usefulness, and challenge of the circle. 

The  two-day “circumference” Forum at March 13 / 14,  2002, gives scientists, artists, PI – enthusiasts, and the interested public the opportunity to exchange their experiences, views, as well as their scientific, philosophic, and artistic concepts concerning the circle. It will also provide the appropriate setting to celebrate the “First International PI day” 14/3/2002 on a great scale. 
The overall concept takes up the idea of an interdisciplinary dialogue that revolves around PI. The future of civilization will be shaped by the individual ability to become part of this dialogic process. 

Hael Yggs
 2299 n. Arc.