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I"newton script" is an installation, that bases on a special software programm (created by JVSchmidt) . It shows the course of planets under the influence of mass objects (suns). The calculation results can be seen as an invisible pencil, that very slowly draws a thin bright line on a screen. The direction and velocity of the lines are unforeseen. The lines grow by transforming the movements of planets according to F=(m1 x m2)/r2 in a two-dimensional projection.

I made different installations based on "newton script" in the last years. In 2000 I began to project this "natur" script on selected objects, skins and social environments.


Lissajou figure of a flashlight
Lissajou figure, photo, 1993

head with gravimetric data tape
head with gravimetric data tape, photo, 2003

newton script monitor still
newton script, monitor still, photo, 2002

Lissajou figure of flashlights
new ton, Lissajou figure of flashlights, photo 1993

newton script, installation
newton script, installation, Oldenstadt/Germany 2001

newton script projection
newton script projection, photo, 2002

sky with gravimetric data tape, photo, 2003



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