~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  weight position  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Nearby the Artists House I found an old big car scale. I cleaned this place and prepared it for the daily measurment of "artists weight".  I marked the border line of the scale platform (rectangle) and displaced it into the exhibition room. The geographic coordinates of the scale were measured with GPS and on the basis of PI was calculated the number field of this place (soft where). The number field was exhibited together with the calculation papers inside the Artists House.


On the ground stands a projector that projected the digit sucession of Pi on the wall.


Three TV-monitors were installated in three windows on the third floor of Artists House. The monitors could be seen only from outside the building. On every screen moved one horizontal line with a defined velocity. They symbolized hours, minutes, seconds.

27. 6. 98

soft where

Every spot on the earth has its own geographic coordinates. They can be measured by satellites with GPS (Global Positioning System). Behind these coordinates   history, importance and beauty is covered. I have been taking all 50 billion digits of the circular number PI, known until1998, and write each of them on a square 100x100 meters. In  honour to Archimedes I begin to cover the earth in Syracus with this number squares. I put the numbers along a north-south meridian one after another in the exact succession. So the numbers form a ring around the earth and all rings this way form a sphere around the world. All known PI-digits will be used for this covering process. When the earth is covered by 50 billion digits, every geographic place on the earth will get  its own number field, based on the today's knowledge, the spherical earth and the number PI.
I "excavate" this number field on every place, that is important to me.

weight position, installation (detail), 1998

weight position, installation (detail, scale platform), 1998

weight position, installation (detail, Pi-projection), 1998

weight position, installation (detail: soft where calculation), 1998


27. 6. 1998