/////////////////////////// STANDARD  TIME   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

In the last  years I have been building different objects and installations which I call "standard time". These works show the structural changes by moving hands in a system of hands. The hands are moved by external forces: Heat radiation, wind, electromechanical control or electronics. The asynchronous movement effects a change in the time structure of the hands. In contrast to the ordinary experience of a linear time, the hands of this standard time  form a space themselves, which moves in the stream of time. This way the observer is included in the complex nature of time.



standard time, 1992, kinetic object

49 hands are animated by an electro-mechanical chance control. Every hand makes a step of one second by chance. Every step of one hand changes the objects structure in an unforeseen way. The number of different "pictures" created  this way is enormous, comparable with the numbers of particles in the universe. Standing in large distance to the object the observers impression is formed by static qualities of the object,  the immediate vicinity reveals dynamic qualities.


standard time, 1992, kinetic object, 200 x 200 cm

standard time V, kinetic object, 1996, 120 x 120 cm


standard time II, kinetic object, 1995

Hands are sailing under the sky, they are moved only by the forces of wind. The hand field changes it's structure in every moment.

standard time II, kinetic object, 1995

standard time IV, object, 1996

The object looks like an old picture-transmission-machine: A square structure of hands is shown on a screen. The direction of the hands is defined by the number of the wellknown PI = 3,1415926535... . The geometry of the circle forms the structure of the hands. The dimension of the square-matrix of hands, the length and the colours change in every new  picture shown. A software-spot effects changing colours, a special kind of animation. In a certain rhythm new hands are added to the present structure. These new hands are drifting through the field, then disappearing in the background. A new structure is rising and the process begins again without repetition of previous constellations.

standard time IV, 1996, object, 60 x 60 cm


standard time VIII, kinetic object, 1997

On nine brass pans thin hands are  moving rhythmical. The end of every hand drags along the rim of the brass. Every step of the hand is accompanied by a small sound  and so all hands together create a very special sound structure.


standard time VIII, kinetic object, 1997